In Retrospect

I have been doing a lot of reflecting about what I want to do in the future and one of the things that I have always wanted to do was to live in an island. First travel the world then go back to the Philippines. I have actually been looking at island properties for sale. One of my closest friends back home actually just made the move to Palawan, which is in the Southern part of the archipelago, with his young family. I totally applaud him for that very smart decision. Simple, clean and sustainable living is awesome!

I totally see myself building a bed and breakfast by the sea complete with a small organic farm. I love it! I can make a home away from home for island travelers while working on my book and making music with my guitar. I just need to conquer the world first.

A lot of people think it sounds crazy to just go off and travel the world for a year or two. I have been doing preliminary research and it seems a lot of people have done it. It's not as crazy as we all think it is. It's just fear of the unknown that holds a lot of us back. It's also due to years of social conditioning. You know the school-work-marriage-work-kids-work-retirement formula. Then there is also our attachment to material possessions...clothes, cars, houses.

I think the best way to learn about yourself and life is to travel. Just think of all those adventures! is one of the blogs that documents everything about doing round the world travel. It's completely fascinating and they even have a detailed excel sheet of costs involved.

I mean do you see yourselves just working in a cubicle your whole life? I like to be free and think that the we can all live the life that we want. When it comes to your life don't you think you should live by your own rules? I'm not saying you live selfishly without a care for other people but my point is that we all have a say...there is always an alternative path.

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