Birthday Wishlist

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbert

Every year since I turned 25 I started creating a list of top 3 things I needed to do before my next birthday. In the past, this list has included anywhere between climbing Mount Fuji to falling in love (yes I can be such a sap). It was a great way of keeping a running bucket list. This year though I want to do a wishlist of things I want. I'm trying to be superficial and materialistic for a change ;p

3. A pair of ballet flats. It's a toss up between Chanel and Tory Burch. I saw this Leather Logo Preva Flats over at and fell in love. Only catch is that they don't have my size and no one is selling it online anymore!

This Chanel one twitpiced by The OfficeStylist is also to drool for! I like how the gold Chanel logo isn't too in your face.

2. A nice watch! One fit for a grown up. Somewhere between the 5th grade and College I stopped wearing one. But now I suddenly feel the need to tell time without having to rely on my cellphone. I think it's something about being in my 30's.

In any case my ideal one is this sexy Cartier watch from their Leve or Love collection. It pays homage to the ever famous Love Bracelet (which I have also been lusting for) made famous in the 70's. Cartier seem to also be the watch of choice of first ladies such as Michelle Obama and Jackie O.

3. Finally, being a gadget geek and photog wannabe Canon's Powershot G11 is at the top of my list.


Currently I have a 2 year old Canon Rebel XT 350D and it's just too damn bulky to bring anywhere. The G11 is the perfect in between's a point and shoot with a lot of extra including a decent choice of manual settings. It also comes with a 2.5 wide angle lens!!!! Plus it shoots movies (Vblogging here I come!) only if I can get a generous benefactor. Or maybe somebody can sell me seeds for a money tree??? Anyone?

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