Doggie Drama

Last Tuesday my dog was attacked by a rottweiler on our way back to our condo from our usual morning walk. We were this -> <- close to our place when this big black dog came running towards us. It happened so fast. One second she was sniffing Roxy then suddenly my dog was off the ground being mangled by the rot. The owner came running while I stood there frozen...or rather I was screaming "oh my god, oh my god". I didn't know what to do! Thank goodness he was able to pry off my dog from the jaws of death. Roxy emitted this horrible whimpering/crying/panicky sound as I tried to comfort her. It was just so surreal. I still couldn't believe that Rot was off it's leash!!! I'm lucky since the owner was decent enough to give his contact details (he also offered to pay for the vet bills).

After trip to the vet and 8 stitches later, I am happy to report that my dog is recovering. Next time around, I'll be more prepared. I'll be using my krav maga kick and chop on whatever tries to attack my dog! Grrrrrrrrr.

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