NNP: 7 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge UPDATE

Some of you may recall that I blogged about my
7 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge
more than a week ago. I was basically doing bikram yoga everyday for a week which took about 2 hours out of my day. It sounds crazy but it became so addictive. I love how the practice forces me to focus on being still in order to listen to the instructor and to my body. It just makes it easier to hold those 26 poses and encourage the body to do what your brain thinks is impossible. Personally, I feel I am starting to become more aware of my body and the muscles in it. I also noticed a lot of improvement in my endurance, flexibility (no I still can't turn myself into a pretzel) and core strength. I'm not going to lie, it's a kick ass work out but anyone with a right mind set (and who isn't afraid to sweat in places they have never sweat before) can do it. I see people of all shapes and sizes in the class including old women and men!

Also, during those 7 days I made it a point to go to different times and try different instructors. I think they were all consistently good. Also, one has to be aware that everyday your practice is going to be different. You are always going to be in a different place when you start learning bikram yoga. The important thing is to know where you are at that moment and work with it. Of course, it is also vital to have that intention to improve as your strength and flexibility increases.

So after the 7th day, I have decided to continue with Bikram. I will only be doing it 2-3 times a week since I still want to have time for other projects! If you are curious to try it I suggest you read this: and this blog post my friend forwarded which I thought was pretty good: How to Have a Better Bikram Yoga Experience

Once you try it let me know what you think about it!!!

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Ayngelina said...

Before I left to travel I did hot yoga 4 times a week and loved it. I've done two 30 day challenges and they are definitely challenging!

Grace said...

Uhm wow 2 30 day challenges? Hats off to you =)That is very dedicated. Do you still do bikram? I think what was challenging for me was having to shampoo my hair everyday because of the sweat. Sounds shallow but if you saw my very dry hair you would understand. LOL

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