Taking a Moment for the Pacman

Manny P

A long delayed post, I know, but Manny Pacquiao is my man of the month. Did any of you see the fight last week? Pacquaio TKO'd Hatton during last few seconds of round 2 (not so great video here)! I have to be honest he has become a sort of national hero back in the Philippines. In fact, if he ever decides to run for President he WILL win. I kid you not. Of course, if I were Manny I would just stick to boxing and avoid the headache of Philippine politics. Although it would be awesome to see him TKO a few corrupt officials as part of his new judicial policy =). I'm sure with all his earnings the Pacman won't have a hard time funding his own campaign. According to this article Pacquiao's earnings is just $4-M shy of the Philippines' foreign investments in February.

The picture above was taken with my iphone some time early last year before his rise to true international stardom. Manny and I go to the same church (yes I am a practicing Catholic) in Hollywood where he gets blessed before any of his fights in the US. You gotta love the man. He was is so chill and humble. He patiently takes photos with grandmothers and autographs church misalettes. Do you know that he gives away a lot of money to help people in need in the Philippines? When recently asked by a reporter why he was so overly generous to his countrymen and countrywomen, Pacquiao replied and said, "You know what? Our mission in this world is not only to make money. We also have a big responsibility. If we receive blessings from God, we are to give some back to the people-especially the poor people." There is nothing further from the truth to describe Manny Pacquiao than a man that is simply, 'The People's People'.

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