Cory Aquino: L is for Laban

That's her...Former President Corazon Aquino the way I remember her back in 1986. In her signature symbolic yellow outfit, thick glasses, a no non-sense bob cut and that hand flashing her signature L for Laban...which meant Fight!

During a tumultuous time in Philippine history she inspired a nation to fight back against tyranny. She was a widow, a mother and a housewife, yet, by some unstoppable force Cory became the defender of democracy. She united Filipinos and led the historic People Power movement.

I was eight back then but I knew the importance of this woman's work. Growing up she continued to inspire always fight for what is right. We fondly called her Tita (Aunt) Cory because she was a mother figure to us young Filipinos. Looking back if I had been in her shoes I would not have known what to do. Imagine she led a revolution, ousted a dictator, re-established democracy and fought off 7 coup attempts during her tenure as First Philippine Female President!

To say that Corazon Aquino was a strong woman is an understatement. Her faith and belief in what is good propelled her to constantly fight for our nation's freedom. For that I am in gratitude for I still reap the benefits of her legacy. May her soul rest in peace.

Tita Cory...para sa iyo ito. Salamat!

She was Time's Woman of the Year 1986 by the way...

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