Sharing an elevator ride with Iron Man

LA Times writes: "It’s official: Robert Downey Jr. is still the king of Comic-Con. The actor bounded into the San Diego Convention Center's Hall H on Friday morning, his second trip to massive weekend fest. This time, he was here to promote “Sherlock Holmes” and was welcomed with an even more breathless and deafening response than “Twilight’s” own Robert Pattinson. “I love you guys so much,” he told the raucous crowd. "

It was Saturday afternoon and my friend and I were riding down in an elevator from a roof top Comic-Con party. The elevator stops at some floor...the door opens and lo and behold its ROBERT DOWNEY JR. Iron Sherlock Holmes the King of Comic-Con. You hear a gasp of air from everyone as we look at him trying to contemplate if there was enough space for him in the elevator. Someone says: "It's ok, we can make room for you Sir" and just like that a big space in the middle of the elevator appeared. THE Downey stepped inside with a companion. Some dude was brave enough to mumble some starstruck compliment about how he loved Downey's work as an actor blah blah blah. And THE Downey just smiled because he was cool and he was IRON MAN!!!

It took super strength for me to not say or do anything stupid. I was looking calm and collected but inside my head I was screaming: "Oh my Lord it's Robert Downey Jr. The guy I've had a crush with since god knows when. Is it really him standing before me? It is! Oh sh*t. No way! Should I take a picture? Should I?". Well, I didn't! Biggest mistake ever. I was too paralyzed to act quickly. Instead I take this lousy picture of a piece of the back of his head as he was leaving the hotel.

Kids when you see someone famous that you really like just ask them politely if you can take your picture with them! I can kick myself in the head now...


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