Technology Predictions for 2010: The Next Big Things

Technology Predictions for 2010

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Here they are:

Web 2.0 & Social Media
For 2010, Geolocation is the new buzzword for the online community. Last year, services such as Loopt and Google Latitude became popular applications that allowed people to share their real-time location to friends through any internet connected device. Experts think that this will continue to catch on for 2010. More businesses will offer location-based services that will allow you to identify exactly where objects and other people are. Even photos and videos can now be “geotagged”. Mashable has an excellent article that will give you a detailed account of what it would look like here.

Augmented Reality
is also another technology that will rock Social Media in 2010. AR combines real images and virtual data into an interactive real-time 3d format. Layar and Yelp were the first ones to release apps for this. Now even Lonely Planet and the US Postal Service has it!

Google Wave
will also become bigger. More people will be using it as a collaborative tool even small enterprises. Speaking of Google, it looks like a big year for them since they will also, possibly, release Chrome OS...that is if they are able to prepare for hacker attacks.

They will continue to be connected, portable, and smart. It would be interesting to see the Android and the iPhone battle each other out for the #1 spot for Smartphone of the Year in 2010. On the other hand, Netbooks and Ebooks will still make an appearance but sexy Tablets are going to make a big debut with Apple's iSlate looking very promising.

Behold the coming of 3d TV! Ten years ago this was a technology that you could only see in science fiction movies, yet, we now have it in this decade. Of course, it will be very expensive but early adopters will be showcasing one of these in their homes in no time.

Ever since Microsoft announced Project Natal in June 2009 (with no less than Legendary Hollywood mega-director/producer Steven Spielberg helping to unveil it), the world has been eagerly waiting for it. What they have is a device that could revolutionize the way people play video games. The motion-sensing, facial-recognizing, voice-controlled device could make the Xbox 360 unbeatable.

As for game titles, best bets for making it to the top are: Bioshock 2, God of War 3, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect 2, Gran Turismo 5, Metroid Other M and Bayonetta.

Green Tech
Although investments in clean technology are supposedly cooling off clean energy innovation will still be big in 2010. Consumers and businesses will also begin to monitor their energy use in real time and take steps through home energy monitoring displays. Lastly, electric cars such as the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf will sell this year.

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