Going gaga over the iPad

Photo Credit: MTV

As one person said: "It's the biggest piece of news this morning". He's right, a quick glance on Facebook and Twitter shows tons of feeds and tweets about the iPad. Even blogs and online news sources are featuring "live" updates from Apple's creation event here and here.

There seems to be a lot of mix reviews about this product which looks more like a cross between an iPhone and a Macbook. LA Times thinks it will bode well for the publishing industry. While others think that it could possibly be bigger. Meaning the iPad will find itself in the hands of a large demographic of tech savvy users who are hungry for content on the go. Be it movies, music and games there will be a connected app on this very mobile device (Read Pocket Link's How the Apple tablet will change the world).

I think one of the more amusing posts would be MTV's ( click here) which feature speculations on possible famous early adopters like Lady Gaga. After all, the singer made a big splash at the recent CES event in Vegas with Polaroid naming her as their creative director for a new line of products!? (I'm still trying to find out what her qualification are for this job).

On the other hand, a lot of backlash have already begun with one of the reasons being it's $499 price tag. While, finally, some couldn't care less about all this buzz- it's just another fad like the iPod, right?

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Michal said...

It will definitely be interesting to see where iPad goes. There are some interesting design choices in there. As far as 'changing the world' goes, I wouldnt hold my breath...

Grache said...

I completely agree Michal. I honestly was not as excited about it as the iPhone or the iPod. Right now it really just feels like its a big iTouch.

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