Number 1 soon to be addiction: Plants VS Zombies extended play on XBLA (click on link for the super cute music video dedicated to the game). I love it! The game designer, George Fan, really did a great job on this indie platformer.It really puts the fun back in fighting zombies. None of the COD Nazi stuff that spooks me out! Who would have thought that plants can be bad-ass?! With colorful 2d graphics and a catchy in game tune it will have you chanting to brainsssss! BRAIIIINSSSS! in no time.

Number 1 current addiction: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know...I watched some of it back in the 90's but have lately been hearing about how good it was from fellow Joss Whedon fans (Firefly is the bomb!). Lucky for me my cousin has the whole 7 seasons. One of the things I love about watching a series after it has been released to DVD is that you don't have to wait for the next episode or the next season to find out what happened. Also, you get to know and understand the characters better and watch how they evolve. I like how Buffy takes a unique twist to the monster/occult/vampire genre- a blonde cheerleader saves the world (Heroes you were a decade too late). Plus, Whedon really knows how to pack a punch with those witty one liners. Makes me wonder if teenagers of America really talk this way? And are there real slayers out there? Hmmmm...Buffy much?

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