Last Entry of 2010

First of all Happy New Year =) Here's to 2010. It was a very very good year and I know 2011 will be fantastic!! CHEERS!

Ok, so I was suppose to upload blog posts on my Peru and Bolivia trip but I'd rather savor the last hours of 2010. Actually, I've been procastinating for months now on doing this. I chose, to instead, make my own new year's meal from scratch (beef stew, rosemary bread, pomeberry tinis and apple crumble with madagascar vanilla ice cream).

Plus, I obviously chose to post some photos of last Christmas...I hope your Christmas was as fun. Being an expat, I am lucky to have my Aunt (my dad's sister), her family and her husband's clan as my extended family in the US. I do miss Christmas in the Philippines where my parents, my bro and sis still live. It's totally lots of fun and very festive. Most of all, it's the best time to hit the beach!!! As you can see in this Yuletide surf trip post from 3 years ago. *sigh*

Christmas day...totally missed on on taking more family pix. This was just half of the chaos. As usual, the day was filled with eating followed by a Wii Just Dance showdown and a Pictionary battle of the sexes where the boys tried to cheat! =)

My family picture with Roxy-pooh

My uncle, aunt, cuz and Woxie-pooh

This is Mojo- not a shrunken Roxy =) It's the new pup in the block.

My cousin is into baking and decorating cakes with fondant.

Christmas eve at my aunt's...she went with fancy finger food. There wasn't a lot of cooking but the prep work was so tedious!!!!! We thought nobody was going to show up- thus the empty photos. The clan showed up finally and the stuffing of faces began. It was a chill uncle put on netflix streaming and we watched a riveting documentary on dogs (which I've already seen). The young ones played rock band and I was so tired that I said goodbye to everyone, went to my room and slept.

Roxy is sporting a cat Christmas ski cap that I got her from Target...she absolutely hated it.

Christmas decor in our apartment...oh this is my first real Christmas tree ever. It's magical. Growing up in a tropical country we only had coconut trees...hehehe...ok actually we had fake overpriced trees made from China.

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