Wait what???

Print Screening it = framing it.

Ok so according to this blog post I'm "LA’s Top 100 NON-Celebrity Bloggers You Should Take to Lunch : Social Media Marketing Secrets". I didn't even know I was on the list until I saw someone tweet the article on Hootsuite. So who's taking me out to lunch =)

By the way, I would really love for you guys to leave a comment. I know you are out there lurk...errrr....reading. Send me some cyber love.

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socs said...

OMG you're famous!!! C'mon over here and I'll buy you lunch AND a pint! Okay, maybe two pints even! Wooohooo!!!

Let it be known that I've known this girl loong before she became famous *proud grin*

carlo cecilio said...

wow! congrtatulations so proud of you!

muffinhouse said...

congrats Grache! i enjoy reading your opinion on things. Proud of you.

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