Gadgets that make you want to go Green

I stumbled upon this article about Tweet-A-Watt on Fast Company and followed the link to the Greener Gadgets Design Conference. A conference dedicated to the quest for sustainable consumer electronics and better solutions for the industry. They also host a design contest and on their website I saw this:


Behold, the Laundry Pod! I just love it. It makes doing manual laundry much sexier. I thought it deserved at least 2nd place. I do get that the Tweet-A-Watt is a "hipper" concept but I think they missed the point on making these gadgets accessible to a larger consumer base. I don't think everyone has a twitter profile nor would they even see any value about being able to tweet their energy consumption on a daily basis. I like how the other winning gadgets were actual objects one can use in the household to directly make an effect on the ecological footprint. More action less talk.

Do check out Greener Gadgets and this article on recycling gadgets on the New York Times

Oh, and this caught my eye too. I thought it would be a perfect buy for our current economic situation.


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Teresa said...

I like the new blog name! Very awesome! :)

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