Networking LA Style

Technology meets Hollywood. That's all I can say. I just came from Digital LA's event over at Area Night Club and it was definitely interesting. The crowd was a mixture of people from the digital media industry mostly online entrepreneurs and employees from the big entertainment companies. They had the place set-up like a movie premiere complete with a paparazzi over at the front door and a photo booth inside the club. The fact that this is a night club frequented by celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and, yes, Lauren Conrad should be enough of a statement. I must admit that I surprisingly had fun. Not the usual run of the mill networking event since it brands itself as an informal one. A lot of gen x and gen y demographic defining their own way of networking with a lot of the dynamics reminiscent of online social networking. I wouldn't mind going to another one of these events. Since the organizer (who currently works for Myspace) is trying to hit up different segments of entertainment a Digital LA Music Band Jam is in the line up. That I am looking forward too since I love music! I will be posting links to tonight's photos soon. For those interested to know more about this group click on this.

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