The Best Panini Ever

Best Panini Ever

I recently re-discovered figs and inspired by this awesome culinary blog I was able to create the BEST PANINI EVER. Technically that is a panini bread in the photo. I have yet to get a panini press that is why the bread still looks fluffy. But anyways all of the ingredients were store bought from Trader Joe's. The gourmet-cook-wannabe in you has got to love the store since you can make exquisite meals without having to do it from scratch.

Basically, you take some frozen chicken strips. Microwave it and shred it up a bit. Then you prepare thin slices of brie while you toast the bread. After that start assembling the panini. Spread some fig jam/preserve (in this case I still have the home-made fig jam I made last summer) on one side of the bread. Then place the brie followed by the chicken. Then get some arugula mix and sprinkle it on top. While pressing the bread together get some grapevine tomatoes and some arugula mix to arrange on the plate beside the panini.

I added an optional fig yogurt spread as kind of like a "dipping sauce" on the side. It's just plain cheese yogurt mixed in with my jam. I then slightly spread it on the bread as I bite. Trust me, it's eye rolling yumminess. The texture and the flavor is unbelievable. Let me know how good it is when you make it!

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poohbys said...

me hungry :|

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