The Happy Phantom Gets Engaged


I probably may have been the last to know (yes despite having the internet and a mobile phone) but it's wonderful news. Socs aka The Happy Phantom and I have been friends for more than a decade. We met in high school when were still both living in the Philippines. She's a great friend and a fellow world traveler. We even shared a blog when she was living in Australia and I in Japan. This just makes me really happy. I mean who doesn't like a good love story especially when it happens to people we care about.

To get the full account click here:

Lock and Load - the future groom's blog

The Proposal - the future groom's accomplice's photo blog

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socs said...

hi grache...I'm hoping to update my own blog soon. I do hope you can make it --- no news yet on when the big day will be. I'll keep you posted, of course :)

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