Music Round-up...Scenes from Holy Week in Hollywood

I know! I have been very delinquent with my posts since I have been busy working on several projects and entertaining out of town guests from AZ. I am forgoing my weekly news roundup in order to bring you "intel" from the LA music scene. Loading up some Iphone snapshots in 5...4...3...2...1

AVALAND - Axwell, Steve Angello, Annie Mac


Ja, the Swedes were out in full force that night to support(duh)Swedish DJs Axwell and Angello. This was my first time at the infamous Avalon and while a lot of people were there for the love of music there were a few hooligans present trying to disrupt the peace. Maybe I'm just getting too old for the rave fact, I didn't even get to see the main act (Steve Angello) because I was simply too exhausted from dancing with four inch heels on. By the way, Annie Mac killed the opening set. Girl Power!


Le Cercle

Not really a good photo but this was taken inside Le Cercle "Super Club" which used to be called Le Prive. It's mostly frequented by Koreans or Asians and is notorious for their booking system (make sure to click the link since it is a must read). I would never have gone to this place if it weren't for my guests although it has to be one of the strangest experiences I've had in a long time. Basically, waiters were pulling ladies from different spots at the bar to introduce to men at other tables. There was also a live dance performance from some crew that was part of that MTV show. Like WTH, right? And oh there were a lot of rude pushy people including the club staff. Boo!


Digital LA's Band Jam at The Mint

I have blogged about Digital LA before here and for this event they featured 3 bands: 1. The Dreamers 2. Ryan Collins and 3. Allensworth- in my opinion they were the best. I think they are opening up for Erykah Badu. Did I mention that before the bands played they had a speed networking event? It's similar to speed dating except you get to talk to "VIP guests" from the music business instead. They were all great and friendly with the exception of this one guy who obviously did not want to be there and talk to the little people. Super boo!


Passport Approved, Marketing Manchester, Raise Up Music Present...
A Taste of Manchester & LA: Featuring: Meiko, The Answering Machine, Casteneda & The Idyllists

My friend and I are big fans of Meiko so we have been stalking her all over LA. She was still awesome that night although she looked so exhausted after her SXSW stint. This gig held at The Viper Room was sponsored by Passport Approved which was my favorite program from the now defunct Indie 103.1 (Imagine tuning into your favorite radio station one morning only to hear mariachi music blaring from your speakers? I thought I was going crazy). The bands they featured were all good. I liked The Answering Machine a lot. Lots of energy and spunk. The biggest question of the night for me was: "How can they fit everything into those ultra skinny pants?"

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Mike said...

Whoa I was suppose to go to that Le Cercle, but wasn't too thrilled about see the MTV dance crew thing. I concur on the Boo!

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