Most creative use of technology goes to Imogen Heap

This woman's creativity knows no bounds. The way she creates and crafts her music is amazing. Have you seen how she perfoms a capella? She can also play the piano, cello, clarinet, guitar, drums and oh a couple of otherworldly instruments while engineering her own tracks. If you saw last Sunday's Grammy Awards night you would have seen her debut her "TwitDress". It was designed by former Philips research scientist Moritz Waldemeyer. He writes on his blog:

Say hello to our new creation: after video dresses and laser dresses here is one that connects Imogen to her fans directly via Twitter. When Imogen walked the red carpet to collect her Grammy, fans could send messages and photographs directly to her dress. The messages scrolled across the collar while the images were displayed on her Fendi handbag.

How does it work? The Fendi bag contains an iPod Touch that receives the messages (thanks to Memo Akten for programming this). It displays the pictures and passes the text on to a flexible LED display in the collar.

Imogen is a big fan of technology and social media. In fact, she used online auditorium to audition cello players for her on going Ellipse Tour.

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