They Come in Threes

and that means good things =) Good things come in threes!

1. We had our company meeting the last week and as we were filing into our meeting area we saw packages underneath all of our chairs. Oh what could it be? We were told not to open. At the end of the meeting, before our CEO could even say NOW...a loud rustling sound exploded in the room. It was from people grabbing the blue paper packages and tearing them open. Gosh, now I know how it feels to be on Oprah. Guess what it was?

I've always wanted to get one but have been largely debating it since I really love the scent and feel of a paper book. I was surprised at how the screen is so matte! Barely any glare its almost like looking at a grey opaque sticker with clear litographic print on it. Except that it's not. Really a cool gadget you can bring when you travel. Plus it also has a wifi. I'd take this over an iPad any day. Yes the iPad is very colorful but I already have a Macbook and an iPhone why carry another device?

2. Also that same day, I come home to find a $100 check on my mail. I love getting money in the mail =) Elliot Benson is a Market Research group who randomly contacted me last year on LinkedIn. They had asked me to join a small focus group for where I received a thank you check of $150 which I ended up using for a snowboarding trip to Mammoth. This time around I only had to set aside one hour of my time to join another focus group for Cisco. Easy money, right? Just remember to do it during your personal time.

Now, I don't do this a lot but if you are interested in making a quick buck check out these links. NOTE: exercise your own discretion and common sense to see if they are legit, read the comments, look for reviews online or better yet give them a ring:

Best Paid Focus Groups

Get Paid Cash to Participate in Focus Groups

How to Make Money from Focus Groups

3. I am definitely spinning this one into a positive experience. Folks, I just received my first ever traffic ticket for running a red light on a photo enforced intersection! I knew this was coming and let me tell you when I saw the mail from the police department I was so anxious. When I tore up the envelope, I had a good laugh instead. On the top corner of the citation was the best photo I have ever taken =)

Picture 1

Needless to say, lesson learned. It's a very expensive ticket but nothing that I won't be able to earn or save back (this means no shopping or eating out for some time). Plus, on the bright side I get to 1) contribute to money to the San Diego county and 2) attend a comedy traffic school. FUN =)

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