Tech Off Takes Off with a Travel Gear Poll: FUD


A couple of days ago, I was surfing on the web for workout underwear (I know their seo/sem folks sure picked a brilliant keyword) when this photo came up on my search:

It's an FUD- female urination device! It's made of flexible medical grade silicone which you can throw away after use or clean then reuse. It also has a patented "splash guard" design which prevents mess and spills. You can discreetly read more about it at GoGirl's website.

I have to say, I didn't know what to make of this device when I first saw it. Then it got me thinking back to all those times when I was on the road and I needed quick relief but a) I was in the middle of nowhere OR b) the public restroom was just horribly disgusting.

Can you keep a secret?
I actually went on and added this to my RTW wishlist (FYI, I'm still working on this folks). I'll worry about the mechanics of using and cleaning this device later. I think it's nifty and practical. If you travel or go outdoors a lot this FUD can come in really handy. Plus look, it comes in lavender!

That being said, I'm curious: How many of you ladies would buy and use this (and is it true that European women have been using FUDs for a long time now?)? Please do me a favor and take the poll below. I really want to know and put this question to rest before my brain explodes. Don't let me find out that I am the only weird girl that actually thinks this could be cool. Note: I am no way endorsing or marketing this device =)

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inka said...

Really, darling, this is soooo not glamorous. Just imagine being caught using one. And to answer your question: I am European but have never heard of the thing.

Grace said...

LOL Inka you are my voice of reason. I bet you can come up with a more glamorous solution and if you do let me know.

jamie - cloud people adventures said...

maybe you should do a "gear review" on this one? i guess the boy version is just an empty bottle?

Grace said...

Jamie, really good suggestion for a follow up post on this- be the guinea pig =)

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